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Worthington 2-Stage Regulator HOSE - DEC

Worthington 2-Stage Regulator HOSE - DEC

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Product Overview

This dual-stage liquid propane regulator from Worthington is ideal where short distances separate a tank and appliance. The two-stage unit manages fuel transfer by combining a high-pressure first-stage regulator and a second-stage low-pressure regulator into one device, which is more economical than installing two separate regulators.

  • Designed for use with low-pressure propane-fueled appliances rated up to 200,000 BTU per hour
  • Pass-through pressure preset to 11 in. WC
  • Connects to appliance with rubber hose (sold separately)
  • Outlet connects via 3/8 in. female pipe thread
  • Excess flow PO inlet
  • Works best with 100 lb. LP tanks
  • Matches or surpasses all specificities required by UL standard 144 for LP fuel regulators

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