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Rino-Tuff Pivotrim Autowinder Universal Trimmer Head - NOV

Rino-Tuff Pivotrim Autowinder Universal Trimmer Head - NOV

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Product Overview

The Pivotrim Autowinder replacement bump feed trimmer head eliminates tangled spools with its easy feed technology. For easy line changes, simply insert the line and crank the bump knob. You get the continuous cutting benefit of a bump head without having to open the head to change the line. The line pivots to prevent line breakage when trimming against hard surfaces such as chain-link fence, trees and concrete, saving you the downtime of reloading line. The Pivotrim Autowinder works with most gas curved shaft and straight shaft trimmers. Plus, it is designed to accommodate trimmer line sizes between 0.080 in. to 0.105 in. in diameter.

  • Ideal for trimming and edging grass
  • Pivoting action prevents line breakage and downtime changing line
  • Load line without opening the head
  • Easy feed eliminates tangled spools
  • Pre-loaded with 16 ft. of 0.095 in. heavy duty twist line

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