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Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Innovative Universal Gas Trimmer Head System with 20 Second Reload - NOV

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Product Overview

Frustrated with string trimmer heads or trimmer line. Introducing Oregon’s Gator SpeedLoad trimmer head system. This innovative system allows trimmer line to be loaded in 20 seconds or less without tools or winding. Simply insert a SpeedLoad trimmer line replacement disk and get back to work. The trimmer line is wound upon itself into a compact, easy to install disk. The disks can easily be carried in pockets for easy access and minimal downtime. The unique tongue and groove design has sharp cutting edges, for fast cutting, even in heavy conditions. Each disk is comparable to a full head of traditional trimmer line on a standard string trimmer. Once the head is installed, simply press the two buttons to remove the cap. Then, drop the replacement line disk in, feed the trimmer line through the eyelets and snap the cap back into place. That’s it. Reload trimmer line in 20 seconds or less. There are no loose parts to lose during line reloads. No more springs or nuts to be lost in the grass. Check out the videos to see just how easy it is. 24-250 (this model) is a replacement trimmer head that will fit most Echo, Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, Shindaiwa and other straight and curved-shaft gas string trimmers. For commercial units, refer to item 24-500, which provides more line capacity. Model 24-200, is also available, which is compatible with most other brands. Please check the attached application guide (included in the Info & Guide section) for specific model eligibility.

  • 20 second reload time
  • Bump feed system
  • Tool-less line replacement
  • No loose parts
  • Gator SpeedLoad system, is compatible with Gator SpeedLoad trimmer line, the replacement line is available in 3, 10, and 25 packs of .080 in. and .095 in. Dia

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