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IDEAL Security Bronze Fold Away Window Crank Handles (6-Pack) - NOV

IDEAL Security Bronze Fold Away Window Crank Handles (6-Pack) - NOV

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Product Overview

Eliminate window handles that stick through your elegant window coverings. The best solution for neat blinds and a clean window appearance are the folding window handles from IDEAL Security. These handles fit on the most popular casement window operator post size, 11/32 in. Simply remove the old handle, and push the new handle into place. It will gently snap into place with an internal spring. You may need to adjust the exact position of the handle so that it will face in the right direction for your particular window covering situation. Just remove it and replace. To open or close your window, extend the handle and turn. When not in use, fold them down to maintain a neat window covering look. Always ensure that your window is unlocked before trying to turn the crank to avoid damaging the handle and the mechanism.

  • Keeping window coverings aligned and neat is not longer a problem
  • 6 bronze folding window handles
  • No screws, easy snap installation
  • Standard handle spline of 11/32 in.
  • Crank handles for casement window operators

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