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FILTRETE Drinking Water System-Advanced Filtration Refill

FILTRETE Drinking Water System-Advanced Filtration Refill

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Product Overview

Filtrete Drinking Water System Refill. Now you can have cleaner, great tasting water at your convenience, fresh from your tap. Filtrete under-sink water filtration products are easy to install, with no mess, long lasting replacement filters that can be changed with just a twist. And using filtered water from home as an alternative to bottled water. You will need an adjustable wrench and a screw driver. Turn off the cold water supply and remove supply line to faucet using wrench. Install push-in fittings to faucet and cold water supply line. Install filter mounting bracket to area under sink. Install filter to mounting bracket. Cut tubing to length to fit between filter and supply line and from filter to faucet. Connect the tubing. Turn on water supply and enjoy cleaner, better tasting water.

  • Advanced filtration
  • Features a 6 month filter
  • Filters up to 2,000 gal./1.5 gpm flow rate
  • Quick Change filter replacement

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