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FiberFix 4 in. x 1.6 yds. Repair Wrap (2-Pack) - NOV

FiberFix 4 in. x 1.6 yds. Repair Wrap (2-Pack) - NOV

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Product Overview

The FiberFix 4 in. double pack is your favorite 4 in. roll of FiberFix now doubled. Perfect for big repairs that require extra strength and additional layers of material. Now you can fix more than one broken item with the FiberFix 4 in. double pack.

  • FiberFix 4 in. double pack, provides you with twice the amount of FiberFix as the normal single pack
  • Simply take the FiberFix out of the pouch, dip it in water and wrap the broken item
  • FiberFix is watertight
  • FiberFix can be sanded and painted
  • With FiberFix you can fix almost anything. This includes tent poles, leaking hoses, yard tools and equipment, furniture frames, fishing poles, patio umbrellas, and much more
  • It combines industrial-strength fiber and specialized resin into a wrap that will bond to almost anything, hardens like steel, and provides a long lasting repair.

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