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About Us:


         My Florida Wholesale Overview

My Florida Wholesale is a liquidation marketplace where resellers and consumers will find opportunities to buy a wide variety of ever-changing inventory. Some popular categories include: consumer electronics, tools, building materials and other consumer goods for a fraction of retail price. Some recent examples of brands represented on the marketplace include: Apple, Samsung, HP, Sony, JVC, Samsung, Olympus, Home Depot, Game Stop, Best Buy and many more. New inventory is added frequently. Don't miss out on our exciting deals.

  • We provide excellent service and we will answer your specific questions about buying, payment, shipping, and products if you email us.

    The My Florida Wholesale Sourcing Network

    My Florida Wholesale enables resellers and consumers to buy directly from reputable enterprise retailers like Costco, Home Depot, Best Buy, Walmart, Game Stop and others. By offering liquidation merchandise directly from this retailers and manufacturers.

    My Florida Wholesale provides local stores, E Bay and Amazon brokers access to inventory they ordinarily would have to purchase from middlemen and wholesalers.

    Refurbished products and store returns.

    All store returns we buy will be sold as refurbished. All repairs and testing of store returns is done in our facility. All this refurbished product is sold with a 15-day warranty or manufactures warranty on hardware. We recycle or sell for parts all products we do not sell.

    Our Mission.

    To be the recognized leader in the liquation industry and continuously strengthen our position. We operate with a longtime focus and seek to develop high quality relationship with our customers, suppliers and team members. We strive to exceed their expectations and are committed to continuous improvement.

    My Florida wholesale is dedicated to principles cost, effectiveness, teamwork responsibilities and world class service.