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Defiant 120-277-Volt Programmable Twist-Lock Photocell - JUNE

Defiant 120-277-Volt Programmable Twist-Lock Photocell - JUNE

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Product Overview

This multi-voltage 120-240 Volt, 1800-Watt programmable Twist-Lock Photocell automatically turns lights On at Dusk and Off after pre-set time (6pm-3am), then On again at pre-set time (5 am - 8 am) and then Off at Dawn. With a built-in Astronomical clock you only ever have to set it once and it automatically adjusts to the Daylight Savings for your time-zone. And if the power ever goes out it saves your settings, however it takes 24-hours for it to reset itself. State-of-the-art technology measures length of night and lets you set “off” time.

  • Automatically adjusts to daylight savings time
  • Multi-Voltage 120-240 Volt, 15-Amp, 1800-Watt; NEMA 3-prong twist-lock receptacle
  • Works with mercury vapor, sodium vapor, metal halide, CFL, LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • Rugged outdoor operating temperature range: -40F to +158F (or -40C to +70C)

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